The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) shares a leading role in research and teaching in modern biology at Cornell University.

The department has over 40 faculty and is housed in both the Biotechnology Building and Weill Hall, two state-of-the-art facilities with individual laboratories and core research facilities. MBG Faculty members are responsible for teaching over 50 courses. The research and teaching interests of the Faculty include fundamental, as well as medically relevant problems in molecular biology, genetics, genomics, population genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, development, and macromolecular structure.

Biological Sciences Major

Undergraduate students interested in subject areas within Molecular Biology and Genetics can major in the Biological Sciences, which serves students from both the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). The Biological Sciences major provides a rigorous and comprehensive education in modern biology and is ideal training for students interested in medicine, veterinary medicine, academic research, biotechnology, and science policy careers. The Office of Undergraduate Biology oversees all aspects of the major.


In addition to the core course requirements, Biology Majors choose a concentration in one of 14 areas that provides an in-depth focus in a particular area of biology. The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics oversees three concentrations within the major: 

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A person holds a micropipette in their right hand and a small tube in their left. You can see other laboratory equipment placed on the table in the background.

Molecular and Cell Biology

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Genetics, Genomics and Development


Students with questions about MBG concentrations should contact the appropriate Director of Undergraduate Studies: