The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics engages in cutting-edge research, training, and teaching to solve basic questions in the life sciences and to apply biological knowledge to critical medical, agricultural and environmental problems. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of scientists, teachers, and communicators by providing research mentorship and classroom instruction in biochemistry, bioinformatics, cell biology, genetics, and molecular biology and by initiating and participating in collaborative research across the Cornell campuses.


Molly Hammell


Distinguished Seminar Series in Genome Biology Molecular Biology & Genetics Seminar By Molly Hammell Associate Professor Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Hosted by: Cedric Feschotte and Andy Clark If you need accommodations to participate in this...
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A scientist looks at berries growing on a bush


Engaged Teaching Join us for a catered lunch as we learn about Professor Marvin Pritts' approach to engaged teaching and how he is connecting his students to the community through plant-based projects and collaborations with local berry growers...
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Red and green experimental DNA fibers


Researchers have uncovered a novel pathway that explains how cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapies, which in turn offers a potential solution for preventing chemo-resistance.

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Jingyue (Ellie) Duan


Cornell is co-leading a five-year, $12.5 million grant from the National Sciences Foundation to form the IISAGE Biology Integration Institute aimed at identifying mechanisms and evolution of sex differences between females and males in aging.
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