Biotechnology Building Room Reservations

The Biotechnology Building is one of the largest single research buildings on the Cornell campus.

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, along with the Cornell Center for Advanced Technology, is housed in the Biotechnology Building, which is located on the central campus. The Biotechnology Building accommodates approximately 36 faculty, 50 postdoctoral and research associates, and 100 graduate students. The building also contains a number of modern research service facilities including those for protein and nucleic acid synthesis and sequencing, fluorescence and electron microscopic imaging, and x-ray and NMR spectroscopy.

G01 and G10 Reservations

To reserve Biotech rooms G01 and G10, please request use through 25L

Biotech Meeting Room Reservations

  • To reserve a room, click the desired room link (below) to open in a new window or tab to find a free time.
  • Once a free time has been identified, contact Nicole Pierpont at nsp53 [at] to reserve the space.