Will DiBernardo

About Will:

Title: Design Director, SCAPE Landscape Architecture

Current Location: San Francisco, California

Degree Program: Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture '11

What kind of questions or curiosities did you have when you decided to pursue a degree in landscape architecture?

Landscape architecture seemed to be the best avenue for crafting the fabric of the built environment.  Compared to architecture, landscape architecture felt like a way to build boundless worlds, rather than containing them.  It had the allure of limitless imagination.

Being based in Los Angeles, how would describe the landscape architecture profession on the west coast, compared to the east coast?

There are geographic differences in specific issues facing practitioners (e.g., social, environmental), however, working on both coasts I now appreciate the true scope of importance of landscape architecture.


What have been some highlight projects you have been involved in at SCAPE?

Designing ecologies that include humans but don’t preclude natural systems is what drives me every day.  There is such elegance in ecological systems, and being able to design, engineer, and care for our interactions with these massive systems is the biggest highlight. 

What kinds of professional and personal trajectories are you setting for yourself at the moment?

Since high school, computer graphics have been a huge interest of mine.  Personally, I’m interested in how landscape architects can leverage rough simulations to inform our work.  While landscape architecture has embraced 3D modeling in the last 15 years, I think there is an opportunity to embrace simulated scenarios - everything from how a forest may mature to how sediment may flow through a creek.