Marco Salgado Lara

About Marco:

Hometown: Marbury, Maryland

Degree Program: Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture '22

What kind of questions or curiosities did you have when you decided to pursue a degree in landscape architecture?

Before deciding to pursue landscape architecture I had no idea such a major existed. I was heavily influenced by the classes I took in horticulture and plant sciences in community college. Once I came across the major’s existence my main question was “Why is it not more well-known” because I felt very attracted to the potential of such a major. Landscape architecture combines many disciplines and I had questions as to what the identity of a landscape architect entails. In my time at Cornell and through personal endeavors I have learned that it can be anything I want it to be. I have had the pleasure to work with various professors in my time at Cornell and each have taught in their own style. I have been able to adapt many of their teachings and synthesized them with my own style to continually develop my view and role as a future landscape architect.

How would you characterize your design ethos? How has that been adapted since arriving at Cornell?

My design ethos focuses on the benefits and rewarding potential of using an inter-disciplinary approach to designing. I have found that there are many ways design intentions and ideas can be strengthened when supported by theories and practices of other disciplines. It has allowed me to expand upon my abilities as a designer to further authenticate my design thinking and implementation. In my current process I still try my best to think outside the boundaries of landscape architecture to incorporate new perspectives.


Can you share your experiences studying abroad as a landscape architecture student?

The most rewarding experience I have had at Cornell was to study abroad in the Netherlands. It has allowed educational and professional growth through spending time in another culture and learning about design practices from a new perspective. My process and design thinking has been expanded by following the instruction of amazing professionals at Wageningen University. Namely Adriaan Gueze who was my tutor for my studio course. It has had a profound impact to my design thinking and will stay with me for as along as I participate in the field of landscape architecture and beyond.

What kind of organizations or activities have you become involved in within Ithaca?

In my time at Cornell, the student organization I have cherished being a part of the most is Dream Team. We focus on providing community and support services to the undocumented/DACA population on campus. I have had the chance to lead the organization and advance the intentions and goals of the organization to care for and show solidarity to a vulnerable group on campus. Joining such an initiative here at Cornell has allowed me to further connect to a community and make lasting connections with it.