Minnue Uhm

About Minnue:

Hometown: Hanover, New Hampshire

Degree Program: Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture '25

What kind of questions or curiosities did you have when you decided to pursue a degree in landscape architecture?

How can landscapes be used to mitigate and adapt to climate change? 

Being at Cornell, has living in the Finger Lakes region informed your view on the field, or even broader, the environment?

I see a lot of similarities between the Finger Lakes region and my hometown in New Hampshire—rural fields, big forests, farms. One major difference is that Cornell’s situated in a relatively urban setting, so it’s exciting to see the transitions between these urban and rural spaces.

Reflecting on your interests, how do you hope to define your concentration in the program?

Right now I’m interested in the potential for design to address challenges in synergistic ways. We cannot use the same 20th century design ideas to address 21st century change. In this regard, I’d like my concentration to explore the fundamentals of design thinking, and how to apply new theoretical approaches into practical, actionable, and professional contexts.

What kind of organizations or activities have you become involved in within Ithaca?

On campus you can find me working at the Green Dragon Café or the Temple of Zeus Café! When I’m not there, I love to spend time outside, listen to new music, or play electric bass with my band.

What would you tell your younger self from ten years ago? What would you tell your future self ten years ahead?

Ten years ago I wish I knew that climate change can’t be addressed with a single, monolithic solution. There’s complexity and nuance that deserves to be explored if only to encourage more creative approaches. Ten years from now, I hope that I don’t lose sight of the fact that thinking about theory is only useful insofar as it helps real people and real situations. I hope to continue being humbled by and grounded in practicality and making sure my ideas get built!