Testing Facilities

  • Agro-One - Agro-One is the branch of Dairy One specializing in agronomic laboratory services.  As an information technology organization, our goal is to bring data and information back to the farm for profit making decisions.  Soil, manure and plant tissue analyses are available to assist producers and their advisors to make sound economic and environmental decisions. 
  • Cornell Soil Health Lab - The Cornell Soil Health Testing Laboratory is the home of the Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health (CASH): the Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health is designed for farmers, gardeners, agricultural service providers, landscape managers and researchers who want to go beyond simply testing the nutrient levels of their soils. It was the first commercially-available laboratory soil health test that provided standardized information on important soil biological and physical constraints, in addition to standard nutrient analysis. (Absorbed Cornell Nutrient Analysis Lab om 2023.)
  • Dairy One - Dairy One exists to help farms succeed. They do this by measuring components on the farm, from cow and crop production, to feed, soil and water analysis.
  • Insect Diagnostic Lab - At Cornell’s Department of Entomology, the Insect Diagnostic Lab can help identify insects and related arthropods, and provide management suggestions if needed.  If you already know what you have want more information, they have a number of factsheets available. 
  • NYS Seed Testing Lab - Crop seed must be tested for germination and noxious weeds to legally be sold in New York.  Planting high quality seeds is the first step to growing a successful crop. The Seed Testing Laboratory provides assurances to the agricultural community that seed used in production is healthy and robust. The Lab performs critical functions for the agricultural industry, testing 800 samples annually to ensure that seed purchased by New York State farmers and consumers is true to label claim, meets minimum germination standards, and is free of noxious weed seeds.
  • Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic - The clinic provides fast and accurate plant disease diagnosis and up-to-date pest control recommendations for anyone from home owners to commercial growers. Services include analysis of plant material and soil for bacterial, fungal, viral, and nematode pathogen.