Mobile Applications

Below is the list of mobile applications about which we are currently aware.  No endorsement or promotion is implied.  A more comprehensive list maintained by may be found at


  • LandPKS - (iOS and Android) The Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) aims to serve as the primary access and development point for free, simple to use, and locally appropriate technologies and knowledge needed for making sustainable land management decisions. The initial components of LandPKS are two integrated mobile apps for collecting (1) the basic soil and topographic information necessary to determine land potential (LandInfo) and (2) soil and vegetation cover data necessary to assess and monitor major changes in plant community composition and wind and water erosion risk (LandCover). Further mobile apps are being developed to help collect information on Biomass (Biomass Monitor), Livestock body condition (Body Condition Score) as well as crops (Crop Monitor).

General Crop Production

  • AGCO Parts Books to Go - (iOS and Android) The app includes interactive drawings with capability for zooming, panning and call-outs. It features parts lists with Google-like searches, plus offline capability and multi-language support. The app includes information about parts for multiple tractor brands that include Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Gleaner, Fella, Laverda, Hesston, Ag-Chem, Spra-Coupe and more. Language support has been expanded to accommodate English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Finnish, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Russian and Scandinavian languages. The result is “anytime, anywhere” access to replacement service parts information on AGCO products.
  • Farm At Hand - an integrated cloud-based farm management platform that allows you to manage your entire operation from seed to sale, anywhere, anytime. (iOS and Android)
  • iCropTrak - The iCropTrak allows users to take advantage of geographic data, the GPS technology in the iPad, the larger screen size and touch interaction. iCropTrak gives users an opportunity to deploy data collection templates for functions as diverse as food safety inspections, field spray management, employee timesheets and more. (iPad)
  • Farm Sprayer GPS - Tired of counting rows? Need to track your position in the field while spraying? Farm Sprayer GPS is a simple tool that allows you to set the boom width of your sprayer and see where you have sprayed or spread fertilizer using the the GPS built into your phone or tablet. Use it for tillage, spraying, planting, or anything else. Farm Sprayer GPS has two modes, circle tracking which shows you where you have been and line guidance which projects straights lines for you to follow with left and right arrows. It also allows you to see how many acres you have covered and shows you your ground speed. (Android)
  • My Farm Radio - (iOS and Android) From Farm Journal, this app allows you to listen to the top news, talk, and entertainment all for American Agriculture.  From the U.S. Farm Report to AgDay, 24 hours a day. 
  • Pioneer Tools and Calculators - (iOS and Android) The Pioneer apps include GrowingPoint Agronomy, Planter Settings, and Planting Rate, among others. 

Pest/Disease/Weed Management

  • Ag Weed ID - From Penton Farm Progress Group, Ag Weed ID is an in-hand tool to help producers identify weeds during scouting. Their database includes information and of course images of about 75 of the most common weeds, and enables you to narrow the list by crop, season, and location.  You can compare on the spot, or use the app's camera integration feature to take and upload photos of your weeds to identify in your truck, back at the office, or any time. You can also bookmark weeds to check again later, or share with your dealer to get more info and advice. (iOS and Android)
  • Chemical Safety Data Sheets - This application displays International Chemical Safety Cards [ICSC] produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Labour Office (ILO), and the World Health Organization (WHO). (iPhone and iPad)
  • ID Weeds - ID Weeds allows you to search for weeds by their common or botanic names, view a list of weeds, or identify weeds based upon a number of different characteristics. Details about each weed are presented, along with photograph(s)of the weed specified. (iPhone and iPad)
  • IPM Toolkit - This app allows you to read news articles, view videos, download publications, and access pictures which will aid you in adapting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to your agricultural operation. (iPhone and iPad)
  • Take Action on Weeds App - The Take Action Herbicide Lookup Tool helps you diversify your herbicide site of action (SOA) to prevent herbicide-resistant weeds from spreading. (iOS and Android)


  • SoilWeb - GPS based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data, formatted for mobile devices. This application retrieves graphical summaries of soil types associated with the user’s current geographic location. Images are linked to detailed information on the named soils.(iPhone)


  • Dark Sky - This paid hyperlocal weather app specializes in “down-to-the-minute rain predictions covering the next hour.” If you’re trying to determine whether the overcast sky outside is either going to leave you drenched or nothing but bluster, this is the app for you. You can even set custom alerts for daytime or nighttime temperatures, chance of precipitation, or wind speed. Another fun feature for weather junkies: “interesting storm” alerts for weather events across the U.S.  Downside: This paid app ($3.99) is only available for iPhone & iPad.
  • NOAA High-Def Radar Pro - Open up this paid app by WeatherSphere and you’ll immediately see the weather radar for the entire U.S. Click on settings, and you’ll discover a world of customization, particularly under “Choose Layers.” Once you’re there, you can add custom layers like lightning strikes, recent wildfires, and the latest data from the U.S. Drought Map. Fun feature: You can bookmark specific locations and add them to your map, which one ag-focused iPhone Appstore reviewer found incredibly helpful. “We have some farmland out of state, where the severe droughts are occurring, and I’ve bookmarked each section of land so I can see exactly which pieces of land get rain (since the city itself getting rain or one piece of land getting rain doesn’t mean another piece a mile away got rain),” this farmland owner wrote. This app is available for purchase on Apple ($1.99) and Android ($2.99) devices.
  • Weather - Features customizable local weather applications, including an ag app where growers can access soil moisture conditions, precipitation reports, forecasts, wind speed and direction. (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)