Dairy Webinars

Managing Forage Quality: A Challenging Growing Season

Presenters: Ron Kuck, Dairy / Livestock Educator, CCE of Jefferson County, Northern NY Regional Ag Team
Joe Lawrence, MS, CCA, Dairy Forage Systems Specialist, Cornell University PRO-DAIRY

It’s been a tough growing season.  Join us for this PRO-DAIRY webinar to hear practical advice on what can still be done in the field to make life better this coming winter.  Our presenters Ron Kuck and Joe Lawrence have extensive experience working with farmers to optimize forage production.  They will share practical information that can be used now to impact forage quality and the feeding program.  

Topic covered in this webinar:

  • Corn for silage: outlook and management
  • Future Cuttings: Optimizing, Timing and Segregation
  • Forage Testing,  Allocation and Inventory Management
  • Storage and Feed out Considerations