Aurora Farm Field Days

The 2020 Aurora Farm Field Day, typically held at the Robert Musgrave Research Farm in Aurora, NY, was held virtually due to COVID-19. The program included pre-recorded in-field demonstrations as well as live presentations and discussion.

Agenda (you may skip to a particular presentation using the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of the screen)

  • Margaret Smith - From Breeder Selections to Usable Corn Hybrids
  • Joe Lawrence - Corn Silage Harvest Strategies and a look at the 2020 Hybrid Evaluation Program
  • Gary Bergstrom - Assessing and Managing Corn Leaf Blights
  • Quirine Ketterings & the Nutrient Management Spear Program - Know Your Yield for Nutrient Management Planning and Zone-Based Management
  • Julie Hansen - Cornell Alfalfa and Other Cool Season Forage Crops: Cultivar Trials and Breeding Projects
  • Matt Ryan - No-till Planting Organic Soybean into Rolled-Crimped Cover Crops
  • Mike Hunter - Dicamba Tolerant Soybeans Without Dicamba
  • Jaime Cummings - Evaluating Seed Treatments for Seedcorn Maggot Protection in Corn - Will Neonic Alternatives Be a Good Substitute?

Once you have completed the video, you may self-report for CCA credits [1.0 crop management, 1.0 pest management, 0.5 soil and nutrient management] on the CCA website.