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NYS IPM videos on YouTube

Learn more about the identification and management of insect pests and diseases of small grains in New York State.

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Soil Health Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Understanding soil health is critical to the production of any agricultural crop. Learn from the Cornell Soil Health experts in this 4-part video series.

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Northeast Cover Crops Council Meeting

The Northeast Cover Crops Council Meeting, held at Cornell in 2018, offers a eighteen videos detailing the use of cover crops to enhance agricultural production.

Instructional Video

How to take a Cornell Assessment for Soil Health Sample

There is a method for taking a proper soil sample for submission to the Cornell Soil Health Laboratory to ensure the best results. Learn how in this video.

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Innovative Assessment Helps Farmers in the Northeast Improve Soil Health

Improving soil health without understanding the soil's condition is not easy and traditional soil tests, though important management tools, don't provide information on the physical structure or microbial life living in the soil. That is why a multidisciplinary team at Cornell University created a soil assessment, which measures physical, chemical and biological indicators as well as pH and nutrient levels in the soil.

cereal leaf beetle in petri dish
hands in soil
hand holding soil sample against a green field
illustration of soil aggregates