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Academic Hiring

The following information guides the search and recruitment processes in CALS. The senior associate deans are responsible for administering the processes relating to professorial faculty and are available to assist.

Resources for tenure-track faculty searches

Resources for finalizing tenure-track faculty searches

The following data elements must be completed in Academic Jobs Online (AJO): Dispositioning of Applicants, Applicant Disposition State, Interview Date, Availability %, Goals Information, Academic Discipline, etc. Once all the data elements are entered and the search is completed, please email your HR Rep the following information. Additional details on closing a search are in this Word document, Academic Jobs Online - Closing a Search

  1. Workday Requisition Number
  2. AJO Job #
  3. Department Name
  4. Title of Hire
  5. Name of Hire
  6. Actual Start Date
  7. Snapshot of AJO Job (with all applicants)
  8. EEO/EOE Data (this will be in the snapshot but please send as a separate document)

[Note: as of July 2018, the ACSS form is no longer required for searches conducted through AJO]

Household Relocation vs. Lab/Office Relocation
CALS uses a lump sum payment which is detailed in the offer letter for relocation of household goods.
Relocation of lab/office goods is funded by startup and managed by the dept admin manager: Household Move FAQ for New Hires