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General Guidelines for Research Professorial Appointments

Research professorial appointments are non-tenure track and almost always 12-month, calendar year positions.

Expectations of the candidate

Research professorial faculty of any rank are expected to be long term, non-tenure track faculty who are distinguished and highly experienced in a relevant field of research.  Primary responsibilities include initiation of new research activities, creation and management of research laboratories, identification of funding opportunities, submission of proposals and fulfillment of the terms of research grants and contracts. Research professorial faculty will plan, conduct and report on original research and represent their research groups externally. Research professorial faculty may serve routinely as principal investigators on grants and contracts. While there may be a transition period before research funding supports the position, appointments normally are expected to be supported largely by such funds.

New appointments

Appointments will be made at the rank commensurate with their career stage. Appointees must hold the terminal degree in their discipline.

To qualify for the title, such individuals are expected to have achieved significant stature in the scholarly discipline, to have demonstrated the quality of research accomplishment appropriate to initiating independent research programs, and to have demonstrated a trajectory that promises a continued high level of achievement. For new hires, the initial appointment to a Research Professor title requires a dossier-based review and confirmation of appointment by the dean. This review must occur within the first year of the appointment and could be initiated prior to the arrival of the candidate. Note that the initial dossier-based review will be waived in the event that the hire results from a national search. Please consult our guidelines regarding appointments and reappointments of research professorial faculty for additional information.

Appointment term

  • Assistant Research Professors:  up to 3 years, renewable
  • Associate and Full Research Professors:  up to 5 years, renewable


The percentage of positions bearing the Research Professor and Professor of the Practice titles may not exceed 10% of the College’s existing tenure-track faculty positions; and may not exceed 10% of the number of tenure-track positions in any academic unit*.

Use of modified title

These titles can be modifiable by the term "visiting." Requests for the use of the modified title will be considered on a case by case basis. 

* Note:  “Academic unit” refers to department, school, or other organizational level of faculty within programs within the College.

Questions about this title may be routed to the assistant of your respective senior associate dean/executive dean.