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Sasha Anronikov


Class Year

Major & Minor

  • Major: Biological Sciences 
  • Minor: Business for the Life Sciences 



  • Howell, NJ 


Research! One of my favorite parts about research is sharing my work and learning about other scientists’ experiments. I am grateful for the research experiences CALS has given me, including the opportunity to present my project at a national conference in California during my sophomore year. 

Why is CALS a great fit for you? 

What sets CALS apart is the endless support it offers students, and the community that such care and attention creates. When I transferred to Cornell, CALS gave me a sense of belonging, provided me with boundless resources, and showed me more opportunities than I could have dreamed of. 

What is something you have been involved with outside of academics that is meaningful to you? 

Last semester, I started an organization called CC STEP (Community College Student Transfer Engagement Program). Our mission is to help community college transfer students “step” into Cornell by supporting them through peer mentorship, community building, professional development, networking opportunities, and facilitating access to leadership experiences on campus. 

What are your post-graduation goals? 

Pursuing a Ph.D., because the prospect of turning findings in immunology, microbiology, and biochemistry into clinically relevant outcomes excites me.