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Matthew Roohan


Class Year

Major & Minor

  • Majors: Animal Science and Information Science
  • MinorBusiness for Life Sciences


  • Castleton-on-Hudson, NY


I fondly remember attending a Guiding Eyes for the Blind pet-a-puppy event during finals week of my first year. I was extremely stressed but remember taking time to attend and was smothered with puppy kisses. I could feel all of the stress leaving and made some of my closest friends that day!

Why is CALS a great fit for you?

Having access to what seems like a never ending variety of coursework to explore. Not knowing exactly what I want to do post-graduation, having the ability to take courses that span lots of areas makes CALS a great fit.

What has been an academic highlight for you outside of your major?

Outside of my major I really enjoyed taking a Creating Writing course. It was like a breathe of fresh air to my busy schedule where I remember having some of the most meaningful conversations with the professor and classmates as well as meeting several other students, many who I frequently run into while on campus.

What are your post-graduation goals?

I would love to attend veterinary school, post-graduation. If those plans do not work out, I want to find a way to incorporate information science and technology into the animal field to bring better welfare for animals.