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Evelyn Fahlen


Class Year

Major & Minor

  • Major: Environment and Sustainability


  • Modesto, CA


My favorite CALS moment is when I visited the greenhouse for BIOEE 1780. We walked around and saw beautiful species of plants that I have only seen in textbooks. It was a campus spot I wanted to visit because I love plants, and I got a free tour! 

Why is CALS a great fit for you? 

CALS is a great fit for me because the Environment & Sustainability major allows me to take a combination of humanities and science courses. This makes it the perfect intersection between my interest in agriculture and the sociological issue of nutrition-related diseases.

What has been an academic highlight for you within your major?

While working at E & J Gallo winery, I analyzed the levels of volatile compounds in Chardonnay and Petite Sirah grape varieties to determine whether the grapes were viable after being exposed to smoke from California wildfires. This project informed about how climate change affects the sustainability of the wine industry. 

What are your post-graduation goals? 

My post-graduation goal is to work at a company that combines sustainable agriculture with community outreach. I am also interested in research that caters to my interest in agricultural science from a public health perspective and will help me establish the connection between agricultural practices and nutritional health.