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Carlo Castillo 


Class Year

Major & Minors

  • Major: Biological Sciences 
  • Minors: Business, Infectious Disease Biology, Fungal Biology 


  • Westchester, NY


Visiting Stocking Hall for the very first time to pet some cows and try Cornell Dairy ice cream!  

What has been an academic highlight for you within your major? 

My favorite class has been BIOMG 2800: Lectures in Genetics and Genomics. Before taking it, I knew nothing about the field. It was the most challenging and interesting course I've taken here at Cornell. I love how the course felt like an introduction to a world that is ever growing! 

What is an experiential opportunity you’ve had that has been meaningful to you? 

I have had various internships at Harvard Medical School, Columbia Medical School and Icahn School of Medicine all revolving about medicine. Shadowing physicians and participating in these programs have only motivated me more to become a doctor. Immersion in the field you want to go in the future is essential to know if this is really something you want to do for the rest of your life. 

What is something you have been involved with outside of academics that is meaningful to you? 

I am involved in the Undergraduate Student Assembly as a representative for CALS. Politics/government has always been something I have been interested in, but never had the time for due mainly to academics. I decided to leave my comfort zone and was elected as a representative of our College. I hope to continue the distinction that CALS has always maintained throughout the university's history, and advocate for its students at the highest standards.