Hudson River Eel Project

The American eel is born in the Atlantic Ocean and enters North American estuaries, including the Hudson River, as tiny "glass eels" each spring. The species is in decline over much of its range, and baseline studies, like the Hudson River Eel Project, of populations are crucial for management decisions.

During this project, teams of students, educators, community volunteers, and staff from WRI and the Estuary Program collect glass eels using specialized nets and traps on several Hudson River tributaries each spring. The juvenile fish are counted, weighed, and released above barriers to migration. At the end of each season the data is compiled and sent to decision makers.

The project involves students and volunteers directly with scientific design and field methodology. Participants experience their local ecosystem firsthand, and collect important information and relevant data about migrating fish.

More information, including how to volunteer, can be found on the HRNERR website.

For more information, email us at eelproject [at]