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Advanced Placement and Non-Cornell (Transfer) Credit

Advanced Placement and Advanced Standing

Advanced placement credit is college credit that students earn before they matriculate as a first-year student and that may count toward the degree and/or degree requirements as specified by the individual college at Cornell. Its primary purpose is to exempt students from introductory courses and to place them in advanced courses. Its value is that it allows students to include more advanced courses in their course of study. Some departments advise majors to develop a firm grounding in the subject area and methodology by enrolling in the introductory survey course even if they have credit. Please check the appropriate department websites, and note that if you do decide to take a course that your credit places you out of, you will forfeit that credit. 

Please reference the Advanced Placement & Advanced Standing section in the courses of study for a comprehensive list of Advanced Placement Sources and credit awarded by Cornell University.

Transferring Credit

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Cornell University reserve the right to determine, in their sole discretion, whether course credit earned at other schools, either secondary or post-secondary, meet the College’s and the University’s academic standards and will, therefore, be eligible to be applied toward Cornell degree requirements.

Applicants and matriculated students should not assume that, because a particular course is taken at another accredited institution listed as a recommended course or a foundational course, will necessarily be eligible for Cornell credit.

Official transcripts may be submitted electronically to:
cals-studentservices [at], or mailed to:
CALS Student Services, 140 Roberts Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853.

Non-Cornell (transfer) credit is defined as:

  • Link to the advanced placement credit/Pre-College Credit table specific to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  • Credit earned at an accredited college or university in the United States or the student’s country of permanent residence. A list of the six recognized accrediting bodies accepted by Cornell is available on the Council for Higher Education Accreditation’s website. For courses taken outside of the United States, academic coursework may be evaluated for Cornell University credit provided that the coursework is taken at the college level and recorded on official transcripts. Additionally, students who wish to transfer credit(s) from outside of the United States may be requested to submit an international credential evaluation or proof of accreditation for the institution where the coursework was completed.
  • Credit earned through the Ithaca College Exchange Program.
  • Credit earned through the Office of Global Learning. *CALS Exchange credits are considered Cornell credits*.

Guidelines for Current CALS Students

  • The College will review external transfer credits from other regionally accredited institutions upon completion of the transfer course application form located in DUST
  • Credit will not be awarded for courses completed outside the home country in the fall or spring semester while on a leave of absence.
  • A letter grade of "C" or better is required for a course to transfer though please be aware some schools and departments may stipulate a higher minimum grade.
  • Transfer credit will only be awarded for courses offered by regionally accredited, degree-granting, post-secondary institutions. MOOCS and other non-degree courses are not eligible for transfer credit.

For more information visit the non-Cornell (transfer) credit section in the Courses of Study.