Grower Manual V1.2 – PDF Files for Commercial Print

The Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training manual files for commercial print are available for download in the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

If you need immediate access to the printed documents for Version 1.1, please contact dmp274 [at] (Donna Clements).

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Manual Download

The form below will allow you to access the files for version 1.2 of the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training manual and are available for printing for public use. 

Commercial Printing Guidelines

Files for the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training manual have been designed with margins that can accommodate spiral binding or the use of 3-hole drilled paper and a 1.5"-2" ring binder. The finished size of the cover is 9" x 11" and the file includes crop marks. If the manual is spiral bound a 100# gloss cover stock should be used. Plastic front and back covers with a lighter weight cover stock may also be used to provide protection. Please note the back cover is a blank page and should use the same stock as the front cover. If the manual is used with a 3-hole binder the cover can be slipped into the exterior of the binder and should be printed on 80# gloss cover. The tabs that separate each section are 9" x 11" and designed to print on a 5-bank tab layout, 80# gloss cover stock is recommended for the tabs. The interior pages are designed to duplex, you will have problems with the margins if you print simplex. 60# opaque smooth text stock is recommended for the tab pages.

Copyright © Cornell University

Cornell University permits these materials to be downloaded, printed, and distributed for educational purposes and to meet requirements of the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course. It may not be altered or published electronically without express permission of Cornell University (Produce Safety Alliance, 665 West North Street, Food Research Laboratory, Geneva, NY 14456, USA). It may not be printed, published electronically, and sold in whole or in part by a third party or company for profit. 

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