Current Version and Available Translations

Current Version: 1.2, published in June, 2019

Cover of the Grower Training Manual

Bihn, E., Wall, G., Acuña-Maldonado, L., Fisk, C., Humiston, M., Pahl, D., Stoeckel, D., Way, R., and Woods, K. 2019.
Produce Safety Alliance National Curriculum.
Version 1.2
Produce Safety Alliance, Cornell University.

The Grower Training manual has been translated into the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Printed versions of the English and Spanish manuals may be purchased by placing an online order. For all other languages we provide files for commercial printing which can be accessed by visiting our Grower Manual download page

In the spring of 2019, the PSA made updates to Version 1.1 of the Grower Training curriculum to reflect the extension of agricultural water (Subpart E) compliance dates and equivalent water testing methodologies. In addition, minor edits were made to other modules to correct grammar, formatting, and content related issues. The following document outlines the policies regarding manual Version 1.1 use and highlights changes which trainers should be aware of when delivering the PSA Grower Training.

Policy for Manual Version 1.1 Use

Version 1.1 Manuals can continue to be used, as long as the following two updates are covered during the PSA Grower Training Course:

  1. Present slides that include the updates & FDA Announcements Regarding Agricultural Water (PowerPoint)
  2. Trainers and Lead Trainers must review Critical Edits sheet prior to delivery of the PSA Grower Training so they are aware of the changes and can alert participants to those changes. A handout of the slides and notes is available to detail the major changes between the two versions (Printable PDF with Notes).

This policy will remain active until a new version is released

Change log

The complete log of changes made to update Version 1.1 to Version 1.2 is available in a sortable Excel file as well as a printable PDF file.

Availability of Manuals & Electronic Curriculum Documents

  • Version 1.1 will remain available for purchase from the book store for those who may need additional copies to use up their current supplies (i.e., a PSA Trainer has 15 remaining V 1.1 copies but needs 3 more for their class of 18 people).
    • Remember, the additional information outlined above must be included in the training.