English Grower Manual V1.2 – Interactive PDF

Version 1.2 of the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training manual has been converted into a single interactive PDF file. Please note, this file cannot be used in place of a printed manual during In-person or Remote PSA Grower Training Courses*. This resource is provided for use as a companion to the printed manual based, in part, on requests from course participants to have access to an interactive PDF resource. The form below must be filled out to access** the interactive PDF file of the manual. Adobe Acrobat is recommended to view the file. A comprehensive bookmark table of contents has been generated to improve usability. 

Thank you for filling out the form below, the information we gather will allow us to notify you when a new version of the manual has been created. 

* This interactive PDF file is acceptable in place of a printed manual only in the Online PSA Grower Training course delivery.  This is because all of the content from the printed manual is in the Online PSA Grower Training course and viewable on screen.  Printed PSA Grower Training manuals must still be provided to each attendee of In-person and Remote PSA Grower Training Courses, because only the slide itself is viewable. This PDF document or equivalent electronic files must not be sent to individuals to print the manuals themselves. 

** Please do not distribute this interactive PDF of the manual. It is important for those who wish to use the electronic version of the manual to download it themselves using the link to this webform. By filling out the webform, those using the current version of the electronic manual will be notified when important updates and changes are made to the PSA Grower Training manual, due to updates provided by the FDA on the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.  

If you have any questions about this electronic resource, please contact psatrainers [at] cornell.edu (psatrainers[at]cornell[dot]edu).

Copyright © Cornell University

Cornell University permits these materials to be downloaded, printed, and distributed for educational purposes and to meet requirements of the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course. It may not be altered or published electronically without express permission of Cornell University (Produce Safety Alliance, 665 West North Street, Food Research Laboratory, Geneva, NY 14456, USA). It may not be printed, published electronically, and sold in whole or in part by a third party or company for profit.