Cornell’s Food Systems & Global Change advances food system solutions for the health of people and the planet.

We are a transdisciplinary alliance tackling the environmental and nutritional challenges facing the ways people grow, eat, and share food everywhere. Centered at Cornell University and networked with local and global partners, we engage at the frontiers of knowledge to design and support actionable progress towards healthier diets from sustainable food systems.

What we do

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We grapple with the vexing scientific and policy challenges of today and model sustainable food systems of tomorrow.

The latest

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New Presidential Advisory puts Food at the Heart of U.S. Health Policy
Advisory Highlights: Preliminary evidence demonstrates that health care systems could incorporate healthy foods into a patient’s care, with resulting improvements in health outcomes, reduced health care utilization and improved cost...
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Food system shocks – like natural disasters, political conflicts, or pandemics – raise the prices of staple foods, reduce access to good-quality diets and increase hunger. In low- and middle-income countries, the impacts of such shocks can be...
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Field Note

Meet Taryn Chung '26 , a New York City native, immersing herself in the realm of food systems research with Cornell's Food Systems & Global Change research group within the Department of Global Development. Taryn is a Laidlaw Scholar majoring in...
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