Cross-cutting research

We integrate a broad set of disciplines — climate science, agriculture & livestock systems, economics, anthropology, ecology, law, history, sociology, and more — to create sustainable food systems that improve global food and nutritional security.

Centered at Cornell and networked with local and global partners, we engage with initiatives at the frontiers of knowledge to design and support actionable progress towards healthier diets from sustainable food systems.

We regularly publish our work in peer-reviewed, high-impact journals such as Nature, The Lancet, Nature Climate Change, Nature Sustainability, PNAS and Global Change Biology.

We curate and coordinate powerful models, frameworks and key datasets to solve the most complex problems in our food systems.

Researchers in action

Daniel Mason D’Croz

  • Senior Research Associate, Food Systems & Global Change

"My research focuses on assessing the impact of climate change on the food system, achieving global food security, the challenges of achieving healthier diets, and exploring the potential of novel technologies to transform the food system."

Ramya Ambikapathi

  • Senior Research Associate, Food Systems & Global Change

"My research vision and approaches are grounded in epidemiology and ecohealth, which encompasses both the health of human societies and natural systems."

Carlos Gonzalez Fischer

  • Research Associate, Food Systems & Global Change

"My research aims to improve the sustainability of agri-food systems. My focus is on the livestock sector, healthy and sustainable diets, and the climate impact of food."

Daniel Mason-D'Croz headshot
Ramya Ambikapathi
Carlos Gonzalez Fischer headshot