Our mission

Cornell’s Food Systems and Global Change advances food system solutions for the health of people and the planet. We are a transdisciplinary alliance tackling the environmental and nutritional challenges facing the ways people grow, eat, and share food everywhere. Centered at Cornell University and networked with local and global partners, we engage at the frontiers of knowledge to design and support actionable progress towards healthier diets from sustainable food systems.

Healthy, sustainable diets for the good of all

We are future thinkers energized by the interconnected challenges of agriculture and climate. Framed by the imperatives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our alliance emphasizes a human-centered and data-driven approach to inspire a more prosperous future within planetary bounds. We grapple with the vexing scientific and policy challenges of today and model sustainable food systems of tomorrow. The trusted datasets we develop and curate allow deep insights into the complex dimensions of food systems and global change. With our future-oriented understanding of systems, we connect knowledge and insight to drive forward positive change for a liveable world.

We believe food systems are…

  • Fundamental to human wellbeing
  • Essential to the health of our planet
  • Complex
  • Dynamic
  • Interconnected
  • Personal
  • Our collective future

We know that change is not only possible, but necessary to improve food system sustainability, social justice, and environmental resilience.