Prepackaged Herbicide Mixtures

There are many prepackaged herbicide mixtures for field corn. Although it is usually known which herbicides are included, questions do arise about the relative amounts of each herbicide in these mixtures. Information about the active ingredients in some of these products is summarized in Table 3.7.5.

Prepackaged herbicide mixtures eliminate the inconvenience of tank mixing herbicides to obtain broad spectrum (grass and broadleaf) weed control needed in most fields. Not only do they make spraying easier, but they can eliminate some of the problems associated with container disposal. Finally, these mixtures often can be purchased for less than the cost of equivalent amounts of the individual products. The disadvantage of these premixes is that the user sacrifices some flexibility in adjusting the rates of each herbicide to what is needed in a given situation.

Table 3.7.5

Components of some prepackaged corn herbicide mixtures
ProductFormulationActive Ingredients of Each Herbicide per Gallon
*§ Bicep II Magnum/*§ Cinch ATZ5.5L2.4 lb. *§ Dual II Magnum+ 3.1 lb. *atrazine
*§ Bicep Lite II Magnum/*§ Cinch ATZ Lite6L3.33 lb. *§ Dual II Magnum+ 2.67lb. *atrazine
*§ Degree Xtra4.04L2.7 lb. *§ acetochlor+ 1.34 lb. *atrazine
*§ FulTime NXT4.04CS2.7 lb. *§ Surpass NXT+ 1.34 lb. *atrazine
*§ G-Max Lite5L2.25 lb. *§ Outlook+ 2.75 lb. *atrazine
*§ Guardsman Max5L1.7 lb. *§ Outlook+ 3.3 lb. *atrazine
*§ Harness Xtra6L4.3 lb. *§ Harness+ 1.7 lb. *atrazine
*§ Harness Xtra 5.6L5.6L3.1 lb. *§ Harness+ 2.5 lb. *atrazine
*§ Keystone LA NXT6SE4.3 lb. *§ Surpass NXT+ 1.7 lb. *atrazine
*§ Keystone NXT5.6SE3.1 lb. *§ Surpass NXT+ 2.5 lb. *atrazine
*§ Lexar EZ3.7L1.74 lb. *§ Dual II Magnum+ 0.224 lb. Callisto + 1.7 lb. *atrazine
*§ Lumax EZ3.67L2.49 lb. *§ Dual II Magnum+ 0.249 lb. Callisto + 0.935 lb. *atrazine
*§ Sure Start4.25L3.75 lb. *§ Surpass EC+ 0.38 lb. *§ Stinger + 0.12 lb. § Python
*§ Triple Flex4.25L3.75 lb. *§ Harness+ 0.38 lb. *§ Stinger + 0.12 lb. § Python
*§ Verdict5.57EC5 lb. *§ Outlook+ *§ Sharpen
* Restricted-use pesticide; may be purchased and used only by certified applicators or someone under the direct supervision of a certified applicator.
§ Not for use in Nassau and Suffolk Counties; pesticide labels that indicate “Not for use on Long Island, NY” mean that use is prohibited in Nassau and Suffolk Counties only.