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Return to campus expectations

Below is some information to smooth your transition back to campus.

If you anticipate using a computer that has been on-campus and turned off for the last few months, please plan that your first day back the computer will need to get at least one and, in many cases, several rounds of patches. If you plan to get updates installed prior to your first full workday back on campus, please be aware that you should turn on the computer and login, ensure you have a network connection and then lock the computer.

If you are bringing a computer back to campus that has been used off-campus for an extended period, CALS OIT recommends that you connect the computer to the Cornell VPN for at least a few hours (you can continue using the computer during this time) prior to returning to campus. This will ensure your computer has all available updates and computer policies applied in advance.

If you need any assistance prior to or as you return to campus please let us know on our computer support request page.