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Samantha Frucht


Class Year

Major & Minors

  • Major: Atmospheric Science 
  • Minors: Climate Change; Environment & Sustainability 


  • Long Island, NY 


I enrolled in a science communication class and it is one of my favorite courses I have taken! CALS has tons of courses that I never knew I could take, and I love being able to explore interests outside of my major. 

What has been an academic highlight for you within your major? 

For one of my meteorology classes, we had the opportunity to set up instrumentation on the roof of a campus building and use the data we obtained for a lab! Having hands-on experience has been extremely valuable to supplement lecture materials. 

What is an experiential opportunity you’ve had that has been meaningful to you? 

I had the opportunity to participate in climate research while abroad in Australia. My research involved working with data from the bushfires in early 2020, which were ongoing at the time. 

Why is CALS a great fit for you?  

Being part of a smaller major community within the CALS community is the perfect scenario for me. My professors get know me very well and I also get to know my classmates very well. My classmates are some of my closest friends here and having close connections with professors is extremely valuable.