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Melissa Montejo


Class Year


Major & Minors

  • Major: Agricultural Sciences
  • Minors: Education; Latino/a Studies


  • San Diego, CA


The life-long friendships I have because of CALS. I will always be thankful for the relationships I've made! 

What has been an academic highlight for you within your major? 

Through a project for Professor Ryan's AGSCI 1900: Sustainable Agriculture course, I worked with local Ithaca farmers to understand how Ithaca's Farmers Market benefits their businesses. I was glad to be able to learn more about agricultural practices happening right here in upstate NY. 

What has been an academic highlight for you outside of your major? 

I have spent some time engaging with the Latino/a Studies Program and have enjoyed making connections with the faculty and students who are interested in developing resources for Latinx students at Cornell!  

What is something you have been involved with outside of academics that is meaningful to you? 

I joined Cornell's Big Red Marching Band and Pep Band which has been one of my best decisions so far. I love to bring school spirit and entertain the Cornell community, and have made amazing friends in the group as well!