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Avni Kulshrestha


Class Year

Major & Minor

  • Major: Information Science
  • Minor: Applied Economics


  • Charlotte, NC


I always love spending time in Mann Library on the Ag Quad, as there are so many people with different majors and interests in one space. I feel so uplifted and motivated hearing students share their different goals and passions with one another.

Why are you a great fit for CALS?

I believe that students in CALS are curious and eager to learn more. I have always been one of those students who wants to try it all, and CALS allows me to explore all types of career paths and courses in various disciplines. It was really important for me to get a well-rounded college education, and CALS ensures that I graduate with a lot of skills and interests.

What is something you have been involved with outside of academics that is meaningful to you?

I am currently the president of the Investment Banking Club at Cornell, which has allowed me to grow as a leader. Leading such a large undergraduate club is an experience that has taught me about effective communication and teamwork, and has really prepared me for holding leadership roles in my future career endeavors.

How have you found your closest friends at Cornell?

I've found my closest friends through my dance team, and through the clubs I've joined since my first year on campus. Clubs and organizations at Cornell are a great way to find people with similar interests as you!