New York farm damaged by a tornado


CCE helps Erie and Lewis counties weather storm disasters

A network of staff and experts in Cornell Cooperative Extension offices across the state mobilize to help and share information after weather emergencies.

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Alistair Hayden, right, speaks with Adam Hughes outside a building


Alistair Hayden brings his West Coast experience in wildfires and earthquakes to help New York communities maintain health and become more disaster resilient in the face of climate change.

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Sarah Dressel-Nikles '11, right with check, president of the Hudson Valley Research Laboratory board, New York State Sen. Michelle Hinchey (D-41st), left with check, and Jared Buono, director of the lab with CALS leaders, lab staff and board, and members of the New York Farm Bureau.


The Hudson Valley Research Laboratory in Highland, New York, a partnership between Cornell AgriTech and area growers, is receiving $1 million in capital funding from the state for improvements that will take the research facility into the future...

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Alejandro Calixto, Director of the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program at Cornell University



The Joro spider, an arachnid that's been in the United States for years in some southern states, has been trending in the news lately as the next potentially invasive species to land in New York State. Some media hypes giant, venomous, flying...
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Lindsay Ferlito


As dairy animal welfare specialist with PRO-DAIRY, Lindsay Ferlito will help New York dairy farmers improve dairy welfare and cow comfort on their farms, be compliant with industry animal care program requirements, and work collaboratively with...
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How Each of Us Can Prepare for the Next Pandemic

Cornell Cooperative Extension Assistant Director Keith Tidball co-authored an article for Scientific American on Cooperative Extension's long history of teaching readiness and survival skills--and how with more funding they could help communities prepare for future outbreaks.

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