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Summer Boating Safety
Summer is a great time to be on the water. For this episode of Extension Out Loud we talked with David White, of New York Sea Grant, about the basics of boating safety. Learn how you can help insure a safe and family-friendly experience on the...
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Long Island Sound Sunset | Photo: Rebecca Shuford/NYSG


Four new extension specialists have joined New York Sea Grant (NYSG) in its mission of “Bringing Science to the Shore” as part of a collaborative program between Cornell and the State University of New York. NYSG specialists work with faculty...
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Human Ecology Building


Analyzing the effectiveness of their community’s Family Treatment Court, a joint team of Cornell researchers and local service providers discovered a “remarkable” outcome. In Tompkins County, New York, children and caregivers were reunited at...
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COVID-19 vaccine


A two-year, $200,000 grant from the USDA and the Extension Foundation to Cornell researchers aims to help promote vaccine confidence and uptake in vulnerable communities in eight New York counties, both upstate and downstate.
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Beginning Farmer Training Program members harvesting in a field

Field Note

What kind of education or experience has prepared you for running the Beginning Farmer Training Program? Like many new farmers, when I got started, I was a generation removed from farming. I didn’t grow up surrounded by agriculture, but I would...
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How Each of Us Can Prepare for the Next Pandemic

Cornell Cooperative Extension Assistant Director Keith Tidball co-authored an article for Scientific American on Cooperative Extension's long history of teaching readiness and survival skills--and how with more funding they could help communities prepare for future outbreaks.

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