Improving the health and welfare of people and our planet

Cornell AES is vital to New York state agriculture and food security. We contribute to healthy and resilient communities, and improve the lives and well-being of people by advancing research on agriculture and food systems, the environment, applied economics, and community and individual development.

Cornell AES by the numbers


Researchers supported by Cornell AES funding annually


Research projects on farms and in greenhouses


Research farms across New York state, and 127K square feet of greenhouse space

Research farms and facilities

Cornell’s world-class research farms and plant growth facilities that are managed by Cornell AES, provide the crucial support and environments needed to move critical research from concept to commercial application.

Funding research

Cornell AES-managed Federal Capacity Funds provide vital support for important research projects in three Cornell colleges. Learn about the grant programs and the application process.

Research impacts

Find out how research supported by Cornell AES addresses a broad array of real-world problems. Read about innovative science-based solutions and promising research projects important to people, the economy, the environment and our future.

News & updates

Joshua Manser in front of plants in a greenhouse


Josh Manser named supervisor of Cornell AES Tower Road Greenhouses
Josh Manser, a 15-year employee of the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station (Cornell AES), has been promoted to supervisor of the Kenneth Post Laboratory greenhouses on Tower Road. The complex of greenhouses and plant growth...
  • Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station
A bird sits on a branch in a tree.


Cornell AES administers annual federal funding that supports research to improve lives and livelihoods in New York state.

  • Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Climate Change
  • Ecosystems
A cluster of dark purple and red juneberries on a branch.


Four such delectable berries – honeyberry, juneberry, aronia and elderberry – are being studied at Willsboro Research Farm , which is marking the 10-year anniversary of its specialty fruit trials. These native berries were essential food sources...
  • Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Willsboro Research Farm
  • Agriculture