Greenhouses & Growth Chambers


The greenhouses and growth chambers managed by Cornell AES are vital for research and teaching. They offer carefully controlled environments for complex and sensitive research. Many houses have computerized environmental controls to regulate temperature, light and humidity in the most accurate and engergy efficient way possible. 

Our dedicated plant growth facilities staff provides unparalleled service and support – caring for research plants and maintaining the conditions critical for success – 365 days a year.

The greenhouses include: 

  • A house dedicated to organic research, certified by NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC.
  • A valuable collection of tropical plants, including banana, ficus and the exotic corpse flower.
  • Extra-tall houses for large crops.


Greenhouses for teaching and research


Plant growth chambers, ranging in size from 6 to 108 square feet


Research projects in plant growth facilities at any one time 

Plant growth chambers

Growth chambers are designed to completely isolate the research from the surrounding environment and provide total control of the climate inside the chamber. The amount of light and temperature can be closely regulated, and some chambers offer humidity control and CO2 enrichment options. This level of flexibility and control makes growth chambers indispensable for many researchers. Pathologists might use growth chambers for research on plants inoculated with different diseases, entomologists to study the effect of insect pests or their predators on plants, and plant breeders or horticulturists to induce flowering by controlling the exposure to light.