Cornell AES Research Farms

The world-class research farms managed by Cornell AES are the bridge between academic discovery and commercial application, contributing to a thriving economy.

Student farm managers pose in field of vegetables

Ithaca, NY | The student-run farm provides students with opportunities for experiential learning, group collaboration and research.

A group of people behind rows of pepper plants and other corps

Freeville, NY | Focused on interdisciplinary research aimed at optimizing vegetable production systems for the Northeast.

People talking, a drone, and corn fields

Aurora, NY | Provides productive farmland for applied agricultural research, teaching and extension with a focus on field crops and soil science research.

A goup of people behind a grain field

Ithaca, NY | Comprises 11 small farms around the Cornell campus with a large diversity of research projects, including work with small grains, produce and trees.

Woman looking at flowers in a greenhouse

Long Island, NY | Supports the agricultural community on Long Island and specializes in ornamentals, floriculture, viticulture and vegetable research.

Berry bushes under bird netting and a person taking notes

Willsboro, NY | Provides the testing grounds for the unique agricultural conditions in northern New York, and focuses on field crops, vegetables, specialty fruits and season extension.

Man, a row of flowers, and high tunnels in the background

Ithaca, NY | Serves primarily as a center for turf, flower and woody landscape research and teaching activities.

Rows of compost and windrow turner

Ithaca, NY | Manages Cornell’s compost facility, provides agricultural services such as drainage, trucking, mowing and excavating, and a well-maintained fleet of agricultural equipment to Cornell units.

Man on tall harvester machine with crate of apples

Ithaca, NY | Research is primarily focused on apples, grapes and berries, in support of a growing fruit industry. Cornell students gain hands-on experience with all aspects of fruit production.