National Competitive Grants Program 104(g)

These grants focus on regional and interstate water resources problems beyond those of concern only to a single state. Research priorities for 104(g) grants are set jointly by the NIWR and the U.S. Geological Survey. Any investigator at an institution of higher learning in the United States is eligible to apply for a grant through a Water Resources Research Institute.

All 104(g) grants must be matched by at least one non-federal dollar for each federal dollar. Awards are made only after joint state and federal priority setting and reviews for regional and national relevancy and technical merit. Objectives include:

  • promote collaboration between the USGS and university scientists in research on significant national and regional water resources issues
  • promote the dissemination and application of the results of the research funded under this program, and
  • assist in the training of scientists in relevant water resource fields. Proposals that include a strong educational component (student support) are encouraged, as are proposals from faculty beginning their careers.

Important regional research has not been adequately supported by any other federal programs and is weakly supported by state consortia. The 104(g) effort effectively taps the potential of academic expertise while facilitating linkages of Institutes across states and with federal and state agencies. 104(g) provides the major mechanism to meet the growing needs not filled by state or federal research programs.

Research grants awarded from 1996 to current under Section 104(g) can be viewed at:

In 2012, Dr. Todd Cowen from Cornell University was awarded the 104(g) grant for his project "The Remote Monitoring of Surface Velocity, Bathymetry, and Discharge".