Housekeeping & Composting

Housekeeping, recycling and composting will aid in greenhouse cleanliness and safety.  It will also impact the reduction of pests.


Good housekeeping is a fundamental principle of effective greenhouse operations. Good housekeeping prevents pest harborages, allows for easier and quicker problem identification, and sets a tone of order and discipline. Housekeeping has safety implications; clean and orderly greenhouses reduce the risk of tripping or slipping, and facilitate identification of other hazards

  • Greenhouse Plastics Recycling Poster [PDF] is currently being revised due to updates on Cornell's Recycling Policy
  • More recycling information can be found at R5 Operations

The research, teaching and display greenhouses on the Ithaca campus generate a large amount of waste plant material, media and other organic waste.  To reduce solid waste, organic waste is composted on site or through Farm Services in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  Specially designed compost bins are used to store the waste and eliminate environmental impact from excess run-off due to rain and snowmelt.