Master of Professional Studies (MPS) Program

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program is designed especially for those who are interested in the growing complexity and diversity of systems and issues in the agricultural, life, social, and environmental sciences and offers challenging opportunities for those with appropriate skills, experience, and educational backgrounds. People who have already embarked on professional careers and those who plan to continue in their current fields or related ones often select this program.

The MPS program is typically a one-year program that emphasizes breadth of training via course work rather than research experience. MPS degree candidates take the same courses as other graduate students and complete a problem-solving project.

Graduate students have access to extensive university computing resources, including: linkages to the World Wide Web, electronic databases, newsgroups, electronic mail services, as well as access to qualified personnel to assist in data analysis and development of models.

The graduate fields offering MPS programs have numerous special facilities and field buildings as well as extensive common facilities, such as biotechnology, bioclimatic, and computer laboratories; greenhouses; and research land. All facilities, libraries, and field resources of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are available to MPS students.

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