Field of Microbiology Students (FoMS)

FoMS is a student-run organization that seeks to build a strong sense of community for members of the Cornell Field of Microbiology. We host activities and events like seminars featuring prominent speakers, interdisciplinary workshops, game nights, and more!

Mission statement

We know that life as a graduate student can be very demanding and stressful. In this light, we seek to promote and celebrate scientific thought and development throughout the field of microbiology. Through these efforts, we hope to provide a social platform where students feel supported by our community.

Contact FoMS


  • FoMS Email: fomscornell [at]

Current Graduate Students

a window with a drawing of a microbe that the sunlight shines through

Current Graduate Rotation Students

  • sna49 [at] (Sophia Aredas)

  • phc57 [at] (Patrice Crosby)

  • lmc363 [at] (Lille Cunic)

  • mld253 [at] (Mariah Desroches)

  • tag92 [at] (Talyia Griffin)

  • emj68 [at] (Elijah Jones)

  • zlr6 [at] (Zahavah Rojer)

  • es986 [at] (Erica Sawyer)

  • st974 [at] (Sola Takahashi)

Current Graduate Students and their Advisors by Cohort

1st Year 2023-2024

  • sna49 [at] (Sophia Aredas)- Rotation
  • geb225 [at] (Grayson Barnes) Dr. John Helmann
  • phc57 [at] (Patrice Crosby) Rotation
  • lmc363 [at] (Lille Cunic) Rotation
  • mld253 [at] (Mariah Deroches) Rotation
  • amf289 [at] (Ana Fernando Galliano) Dr. Tobias Doerr
  • tag92 [at] (Talyia Griffin) Rotation
  • rh688 [at] (Ruoqi Huang) Dr. John Helmann
  • emj68 [at] (Elijah Jones) Rotation
  • ck776 [at] (Chanmi Kim) Dr. Jeongmin Song
  • zlr6 [at] (Zahavah Rojer) Rotation
  • es986 [at] (Erica Sawyer) Rotation
  • st974 [at] (Sola Takahashi) Rotation
  • saw335 [at] (Sarah Woodyear) Dr. Sarah Caddy


2nd Year 2022-2023

  • ta333 [at] (Tricia Alston) Dr. Craig Altier
  • byv3 [at] (Brayan Vilanova Cuevas) Dr. Ian Hewson
  • kae83 [at] (Kevin England) Dr. Heather Feaga
  • se289 [at] (Shahrzad Ezzatpour) Dr. Hector Aguilar- Carreno
  • arp277 [at] (Augustus Pendleton) Dr. Marian Schmidt
  • br387 [at] (Brandon Reyes-Chavez) Dr. Lori Huberman
  • Ddt43 [at] (Daniel Tetreault) Dr. Heather Feaga
  • fvt6 [at] (Facundo Torres) Dr. Tobias Doerr
  • Jy642 [at] (Azalea Yang) Dr. Ilana Brito


3rd Year 2021-2022

  • ma855 [at] (Mohamed Aldhuhoori) Dr. Anthony Hay
  • bjk238 [at] (Benjamin Kaza) Dr. Hector Aguilar- Carreno
  • mcd98 [at] (Madeleine Dumas) Dr. Hector Aguilar- Carreno
  • Jdd232 [at] (Joee Denis) Dr. Kelsi Sandoz
  • Aal88 [at] (Abigail Landers) Dr. Andrew Moeller
  • Kpm67 [at] (Kien Malarney) Dr. Pamela Chang
  • Cm764 [at] (Carolina Menchaca) Dr. Gary Whittaker
  • Ns646 [at] (Nadia Nikulin) Dr. Tobias Doerr
  • Crp86 [at] (Cassidy Prince) Dr Heather Feaga
  • Rds278 [at] (Richard Schargel) Dr. Joseph Peters
  • Xt64 [at] (Ellie Tan) Dr. Elizabeth Johnson
  • Djt82 [at] (Delia Tota) Dr. Teresa Pawlowska
  • Ew443 [at] (Angie Wang) Dr. Daniel Buckley
  • Rjw275 [at] (Robert Wingo) Dr. Joseph Peters


4th Year 2020-2021

  • lc978 [at] (Laura Chacon Machado) Dr. Joseph Peters
  • Db766 [at] (Diana Balint) Dr. Ilana Brito
  • Mb2689 [at] (Meg Branine) Dr. Teresa Pawlowska
  • Cab565 [at] (Calla Bush St.George) Dr. Esther Angert
  • Kc2223 [at] (Katrina Callan) Dr. Heather Feaga
  • sm2756 [at] (Saroj Mahato) Dr. Tobias Doerr


5th Year 2019-2020

  • Ma2229 [at] (Manuela Obando) Dr. Tobias Doerr
  • Lj279 [at] (Luana Johnston) Dr. David Russell
  • Cmm569 [at] (Chloe Murrell) Dr. Laura Goodman
  • Emw247 [at] (Emily Wollmuth) Dr. Esther Angert


6th Year 2018-2019

  • Aqb3 [at] (Anthony Bui) Dr. Joshua Chappie
  • Bh527 [at] (Bixi He) Dr. John Helmann
  • Klh276 [at] (Kathryn Herr) Dr. Tory Hendry
  • Hh654 [at] (Hye Rim Hong) Dr. Heather Feaga
  • Jer364 [at] (Jordan Rede) Dr. Ian Hewson
  • Ekr44 [at] (Emma Roszkowski) Dr. Brian VanderVen


7th Year 2017-2018

  • Sjm389 [at] (Sean Murphy) Dr. Daniel Buckley

Current Active Research Labs with Students


Dr. Andrew Moeller

  • Aal88 [at] (Abigail Landers)


Dr. Anthony Hay

  • ma855 [at] (Mohamed Aldhuhoori)


Dr. Brian VanderVen

  • Ekr44 [at] (Emma Roszkowski)


Dr. Craig Altier

  • ta333 [at] (Tricia Alston)


Dr. Daniel Buckley

  • Sjm389 [at] (Sean Murphy)

  • Ew443 [at] (Angie Wang)


Dr. David Russell

  • Lj279 [at] (Luana Johnston)


Dr. Elizabeth Johnson

  • Xt64 [at] (Ellie Tan)


Dr. Esther Angert

  • Emw247 [at] (Emily Wollmuth)

  • Cab565 [at] (Calla Bush St. George)


Dr. Gary Whittaker

  • Cm764 [at] (Carolina Menchaca)


Dr. Heather Feaga

  • Hh654 [at] (Hye Rim Hong)

  • Kc2223 [at] (Katrina Callan)

  • Crp86 [at] (Cassidy Prince)

  • Ddt43 [at] (Daniel Tetreault)

  • kae83 [at] (Kevin England)


Dr. Hector Aguilar-Carreno

  • bjk238 [at] (Benjamin Kaza)

  • mcd98 [at] (Madeleine Dumas)

  • se289 [at] (Shahrzad Ezzatpour)


Dr. Ian Hewson

  • Jer364 [at] (Jordan Rede)

  • byv3 [at] (Brayan Vilanova Cuevas)


Dr. Ilana Brito

  • Db766 [at] (Diana Balint)

  • Jy642 [at] (Azalea Yang)


Dr. Jeongmin Song

  • ck776 [at] (Chanmi Kim)


Dr. John Helmann

  • Bh527 [at] (Bixi He)

  • geb225 [at] (Grayson Barnes)

  • rh688 [at] (Ruoqi Huang)


Dr. Joseph Peters

  • Rds278 [at] (Richard Schargel)

  • lc978 [at] (Laura Chacon Machado)

  • Rjw275 [at] (Robert Wingo)


Dr. Josh Chappie

  • Aqb3 [at] (Anthony Bui)


Dr. Kelsi Sandoz

  • Jdd232 [at] (Joee Denis)


Dr. Laura Goodman

  • Cmm569 [at] (Chloe Murrell)


Dr. Lori Huberman

  • br387 [at] (Brandon Reyes-Chavez)


Dr. Marian Schmidt

  • arp277 [at] (Augustus Pendleton)


Dr. Pamela Chang

  • Kpm67 [at] (Kien Malarney)


Dr. Sarah Caddy

  • saw335 [at] (Sarah Woodyear)


Dr. Teresa Pawlowska

  • Djt82 [at] (Delia Tota)

  • Mb2689 [at] (Meg Branine)


Dr. Tobias Doerr

  • Ma2229 [at] (Manuela Obando)

  • Ns646 [at] (Nadia Nikulin)

  • sm2756 [at] (Saroj Mahato)

  • fvt6 [at] (Facundo Torres)

  • amf289 [at] (Ana Fernando Galliano)


Dr. Tory Hendry

  • Klh276 [at] (Kathryn Herr)