The conception of this design builds from intensive mapping and rigorous diagramming, but also most critically, community engagements from conversations with stakeholders.

This project aims to provide a reimagination of the Kingsbury Run Nature Reserve for, with, and most importantly, by the surrounding local communities that have been long-underserved from a deeply embedded history of environmental injustice. Taking inspiration from Kingsbury Run itself and through a reinterpretation of its flow, fluidity, as well as water's symbolism of vitality and versatility, this scheme creates an array of articulated spaces that are carefully composed for transitions between moods and programming while highly sensitive to the surrounding contexts.

Lok Tim Chan, MLA ’22; Echo Xingjian Wang, MLA ’22; Eric Zhenrui Mei, MLA ’22


LA 6020 Integrating Theory and Practice II

Mitch Glass, Faculty Advisor


Spring 2021


Honor Award, Analysis & Planning

ASLA Student Awards, 2021

Kingsbury Run Master Plan

With spatial articulation and sensitive placemaking compositions, every zone is dynamic, highly functional, responsive, performative and multidimensional with seamless continuity as users travel between them.

The Sideway Bridge

Sideway Bridge is a historical landmark at Kingsbury Run. The timeline showed the history of the bridge over 100 years; the section shows the existing condition of Sideway Bridge within the surrounding context.

The Nature of Nature Reserve

This section diagram focuses on the surrounding ecologies that illustrate compositions of species and micro-ecosystems around the Kingsbury Run Nature Reserve.

Phasing Diagram

4 phases are proposed with each lasting about 5-8 years, with the latter phase expanded as a potential future phase. This diagram reflects the various parties and organizations that could contribute to the project through collaborative opportunities.

Circulation Journey

This diagram shows the circulation journey from three storylines with different types of user groups.