Hudson River Estuary Tidal Wetlands Mapping

In 2007, IRIS, working with the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Hudson River Estuary Program, inventoried and mapped tidal wetlands for the Hudson River area from Troy to Hastings-on-Hudson, including major tributaries and coves. The area of the Hudson River from Troy to Hastings-on-Hudson includes both Estuarine Wetlands and Tidal Freshwater Wetlands.  In the southern and middle reaches, the Estuarine Wetland areas comprise varying levels of brackish water environments, with the Tidal Freshwater Wetland areas, an almost exclusively fresh water environment, occurring in the northern reach and within the tributaries.

The objectives in performing this mapping were: 1) Document existing tidal wetlands extents and vegetation community types for 2007 and 2) Develop an index of potential impact areas to assist in review of river development plans.


Dr. Magdeline Laba, ml49 [at] (ml49[at]cornell[dot]edu)