ArcGIS Online (AGOL)

As of July 31, 2022, IRIS will no longer be the distributor for ArcGIS licensing in CALS. If you need to upgrade, renew, or need a new license, please contact Mary Colomaio at mcc298 [at]

Extension Application

The CCE Online Geospatial Mapping Portal is a ArcGIS Online for Organizations (AGOL) subscription. It was created to provide an easy and powerful platform for the rapid dissemination of Cornell Cooperative Extension Program efforts and results. This information conduit can provide policy makers and the public access to basic spatial analysis results, maps that show analysis results, or used to communicate research-based information in the proper context.

Access to ArcGIS Online

Note: This access is independent from the ArcGIS Desktop licensing.

Need help incorporating AGOL?

Contact: ml49 [at] (Magdeline Laba)

AGOL Training

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AGOL Training

AGOL training documents and videos are available on the CCE Blog site.

Additional AGOL training information is available at ESRI’s ArcGIS Online Training page.

Academic Application

The site also serves the CALS academic community. Students and faculty can access the site for class activities and research projects. Faculty can contact IRIS for assistance in adding AGOL to their curriculum.

Research Application

Data acquisition, compilation, analysis and presentation can be undertaken within AGOL. Project applications can be developed and embedded into your website for seamless access.