Map and Air Photo Repository

IRIS maintains a dynamic collection of materials from past and present projects, gathered and retained for extension, teaching and research purposes. The collection includes aerial photography, agricultural districts, land use and wetland maps for New York State.  Historic USGS topographic maps, documentation, maps and reports from resource inventory projects are also in the collection.

Historic NYS Air Photos

A large and comprehensive collection of aerial photographs for New York State

Historic NYS Agricultural Districts Maps

A collection of historic Agricultural District maps dating back to the early 1970's

NYS Land Use and Natural Resource Inventory

A comprehensive mapping project contracted by New York State to delineate Land Use and Natural Resources (LUNR_ from 1968 aerial photography.

National Wetlands Inventory Maps

As of 2014, all of the US Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory data is available online. Also available online is the New York State DEC Wetlands data.


Susan Hoskins

Senior Extension Associate, Image Analyst, Resource Inventory Program Leader, and Institute Director

Diane Ayers

Extension Support Specialist I/GIS Data Manager & Educator