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Expectations of College Administration

  • The Senior Associate Dean will form an ad hoc committee within one month of receipt of the dossier in the Sr. Associate Dean’s Office.
  • The ad hoc committee chair will convene the committee promptly upon receipt of the dossier.  The committee chair will notify the Sr. Associate Dean if the committee needs any additional information for a more informed recommendation. Notification of the need for additional information should occur within one week of the ad hoc committee’s meeting. If additional material is required, the Sr. Associate Dean’s office will request the material from the Department Chair.
  • The ad hoc committee will report back to the Sr. Associate Dean three to four weeks after receiving documentation. The Sr. Associate Dean will be notified by the ad hoc committee if this deadline cannot be met. The Sr. Associate Dean’s office will notify the Department Chair of any significant delay.
  • The Dean and Sr. Associate Dean will review the report and make a recommendation to the Provost, and Department Chairs are informed when this happens. All tenure packages may be reviewed by the Faculty Advisory Committee on Tenure Appointments (FACTA). Communication to and from this committee occur through the Provost’s office. This level of review can take several weeks to several months. In some cases, there are requests for more information and/or clarification. Only positive recommendations are forwarded to the Board of Trustees.
  • Decisions from the Provost are communicated to the Department Chair. If further information is requested, the chair is informed.
  • If a negative decision is made by the Dean, the Sr. Associate Dean will convey/summarize to the Department Chair (typically within one to three weeks) essential substance of the ad hoc report and reasoning for negative decision.  Typically, a meeting with the Department Chair, the Dean, and the Sr. Associate Dean will be scheduled to discuss the case.

    Please note: While most of the above pertains to tenure and promotion to associate professor with tenure, the general timeline for review of dossiers at the College level is the same for both promotion to associate professor with tenure and promotion to full professor.