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MPS Students and Alumni: Making an Impact

CALS MPS students are passionate about making our changing world a better place. Learn more about their stories – what inspires them, why they chose the CALS MPS and what their recommendations are to anyone considering the program. 

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Emilia Guerrero in food science lab pouring liquid from a beaker into a mold tray.
Gretchen Hanson standing in front of world map
Aditya Iswardi in a lab holding a sample
Daniela Gonzalez kneeling in front of stalls with dairy cows eating hay
Tiffany Fong MLA student holding map
Carly Bass wearing a red shirt in a field of clover
Joy Khalil smiling and standing in front of a glass window
Vanvay Chitpaseuth sitting in front of three computer screens
David Ngam smiling outside in front of a stone building and green plants
Agnes Guillo holding a lamb while standing inside a barn
Jenna Rice stands in front of a lake and mountain range.
Preston deJong presents in front of people
student sophia elie working in food safety.
Jack Wellhofer inspects basil plants
MPS student Ryan Ronzoni inspects basil in a greenhouse.
student charles gagne standing in farm.
student michal matejczuk working in field.
student ashraf bhuiyan sitting with computer outside.
student joseph tarnate working with cows and dairy.
Jacob Tennenbaum extracts wine from barrel
Bailee Hopkins inspects a tree
student xianjia zeng profile photo.
student rebecca parkinson sitting on bench in garden.
student catherine boyles standing in food science lab.
student chris harris working on computer in library.
student meghan marchuk in food science lab.
student tara hammonds crouching in wooded path.
student carson letot examining dirt.
student katrina carino standing in kitchen.
Manoly Sisavanh sits on a boulder with trees and a stream in the background.
student danielle noce working in food science lab.
student vipul saran standing next to crates.
Taylor Mattus
Jennifer Welchel
Ariana Constant with a group of children.
Erin stands in front of a brightly colored painted mural.
Barbara Conolly
Jessica Pederson
Student with Jersey Cows
 Stephanie Freeman
Andrew Zepp stands in front of a tree and speaks to a crowd