The statewide NYS Farm to School Program Work Team is hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE). Program Work Teams are groups of faculty and staff, extension educators, and external stakeholders who collaborate to identify issues, study needs, and create educational materials for farm to school programming.  Our team includes school foodservice directors, farmers, non-profits, government and non-government agencies, food hubs, farm to school coordinators, and others working on farm to school programming. In addition to this website, the NYS Farm to School Program Work Team hosts educational webinars to support the work of its members, helps coordinate conferences and trainings, and hosts an active listserv where members can share resources and information about farm to school.  

If you are working on farm to school programming and would like to become a member of the NYS Farm to School Program Work Team, please email Becky O'Connor at rao84 [at] (rao84[at]cornell[dot]edu).

Meet the Leadership Team

picture of a woman with blonde hair outside

Becky O'Connor, CCE Harvest NY

Cheryl Bilinski

Cheryl Bilinski, CCE Harvest NY

Julie Raway holding school lunch tray

Julie Raway, NY School Nutrition Association

Moira Tidball on her farm with a turkey

Moira Tidball, CCE Seneca County

Stephanie Hsu

Stephanie Hsu, Farm to Institution New York State

victoria giarratano headshot

Victoria Giarratano, Cornell Cooperative Extension