Oneida Lake Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystem Extension

Alongside a New York Sea Grant Great Lakes Fisheries Specialist and Cornell faculty, the student intern will be part of a cohort of up to ten other Cornell undergraduates participating in a ten-week summer internship at the Cornell Biological Field Station (CBFS) on Oneida Lake near Syracuse, NY.

The project will involve creating/collecting content (videos, images, activities, etc.) that will be used in the development of outreach/extension materials for 4-H Environmental Sciences activities at CCE Madison County. The intern will foster communication about Oneida Lake to the general public via social media posts, outreach events, and other similar activities. The selected applicant would participate in a broad diversity of intern projects (ex. fisheries, nutrients, zooplankton, birds) while preparing extension materials that share and translate the science conducted at CBFS during the summer of 2024. Staff at CCE Madison County and their 4-H program will help focus these extension materials toward current program needs in activity development. 

Roles and responsibilities 

Active participation in hands-on research with other undergraduates on a wide range of topics in Oneida Lake fisheries and aquatic ecosystem science. Photographing and recording these experiences for extension materials such as podcasts, short videos, press releases, social media posts, and posters. Meeting with 4-H coordinators to focus these materials toward use in environmental sciences activity development.  

Qualifications and previous coursework

This opportunity is available to non-graduating students in Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

There are no specific coursework or experience requirements.

Learning outcomes 

  • Hands-on experience working in teams on environmental research of Oneida Lake
  • Develop or refine abilities to translate scientific research to various audiences
  • Develop media skills such as writing, photographs, and videos in science communication
  • Participate in activity development for 4-H programs and school children