To qualify for the 30% NY Initiative, SFAs must show

  1. 30% or more of their food costs for lunch were used to purchase New York (NY) products, AND
  2. The purchased products meet documentation and traceability requirements
  • A food item grown, harvested, or produced in NY


  • A food item made up of over 51% agricultural raw materials grown, harvested, or produced in NY, by weight or volume.


  • NY food products purchased for the lunch program
  • The cost of processing, shipping, delivering, or storing USDA commodity foods of NY origin
  • A la carte items served as part of a reimbursable lunch meal 


  • NY food products purchased for breakfast, snack, supper, or other programs
  • Pilot Program
  • USDA commodity foods 

To demonstrate that an item was purchased for and used in the lunch program (and not in other meal programs): 

  • Use Excel, POS systems, production records, and/or standardized recipes to show the separate costs of each NY product offered at lunch.
  • Provide complete lunch and breakfast production records including milk purchases (do not use percentages).
  • Use a lunch menu to show that a NY product was served as part of a reimbursable meal. A la carte items only count if also served as part of a reimbursable meal. 
  • Demonstrate total expenditures using the Revenue and Expenditure Report from the SFAs accounting system.


Tracking NY Purchases

Tracking NY purchases is a strategy to determine baseline local purchases and to assess progress toward local purchasing goals.  Tracking also makes it easier to complete the Application Attachment, a list of each NY product purchased, and the source of that product.

There are several tools available to assist you with tracking your NY purchases. Contact a Farm to School Coordinator or support provider in your region to access these tools.