A member of the Cornell University Viticulture and Enology club stomps grapes

Student Organizations

Apply For Funding From the Student Advisory Council (SAC)

One of the responsibilities of the SAC is to review and approve funding requests for CALS student organizations or individuals looking to create or participate in trips, events, and other academically relevant pursuits. To apply, simply fill out the form, which can be downloaded below, and submit it to the SAC. We will review your request in a timely fashion and submit our recommendation to Dean Boor, who has final say in the appropriation of funds.

Need to update your organization’s info? Please send an e-mail to the SAC web administrator.

Organization and Websites

Student Contact


ABC Ambassadors Kelly Ventura Walter Butler
Accounting Association, Cornell Daniel Abaraoha and Betty Lazis Zeshawn Afsari Beg

Agricultural Sciences Ambassadors

Matalyn Stark

Kari Richards

Alpha Epsilon (BEE)


John March

Alpha Kappa Psi

Andrea Quartner and Gwendolyn Umbach

Drew Pascarella

Alpha Zeta, the Cornell Chapter

Lauren Fessler

Cindy van Es

American Meteorology Society, Cornell Student Chapter of

Ashley Merzon and Amanda Powell

Mark Wysocki

American Society of Landscape Architects, Cornell Student Chapter of the

Ilia Savin

Peter Trowbridge

Aquaculture and Multiponics Research Group, Cornell University Erica Cartusciello Michael Ben Timmons

Association for Women in Communication

Veronica Polanco and Anna Carmichael

Jenny Barnett

Birding Club at Cornell

Sarah Dzielski and Alex Wiebe

Irby Lovette

Block and Bridle Club, Cornell University

Conor McCabe and Jaclyn Melvin

Mike Thonney

CALS Ambassadors

Kierra Grayson

Erin Treat

CALS Student Advisory Council to the Dean Shalini Radhakrishnan Mark Wysocki
Cheese Club, Cornell (CCC) Elizabeth Freeman Rob Ralyea
Chocolate and Confections Technology Club (ChoCTech) Christiana Psichas Olga Padilla-Zakour

Collegiate FFA

Kaitlyn Kelder and Max Russel

Jeff Perry

Cornell Speech and Debate Society

En Ting Lee and Alexander Chakrin

Samuel Nelson

Dairy Science Club, Cornell University (CUDS)

Lauren Hill and  Chris Sweeney

Mike Van Amburgh

Dietetic Association, Cornell University Ee Khoo (KhooEe) and Jacqueline Weiss Emily Gier

Dilmun Hill Student Organic Farm

Dilmun Hill Email

Jane Mt. Pleasant

Dys ID Kenneth Sang Cindy Van Es
Dyson Undergraduate Council Stephanie Ou Janelle Tauer
Expeditions in Field Ornithology, Cornell Teresa Pegan David Winkler
Fantastic Fungi Fanatics Zeran Lin Kathie T Hodge
Farmers' Market at Cornell (FMAC) Jason Chari Therese O'Connor
Financial Literacy Initiative, Cornell University Morgan Salama Vicki Bogan
Food Science Club, Cornell University Lauren Poindexter and Christina Chen Alicia Orta-Ramirez

Health and Nutrition Society (Health Nuts)

Cassidy Nagle and Amanda Kueh

Cha-Sook You

Herpetological Society (Cornell Herp Club)

Sophie Liu

Kelly Zamudio

Ho Nun De Kah (HNDK)

Sarah Wright

Steve Shaum

Hortus Forum Elsa de Becker Marcia Eames-Sheavly
Merlin's Kids, Cornell Natalie Hoppe James Giles
Minority Animal Science Students (MASS) Chrishell Marble Cate Thompson

Minority Business Students Association

Oluwatobi Ayoade

Vicki Bogan

Nature Society, Cornell (CNS) Hi'ilei Casco James Giles
Partners In Health | Engage at Cornell University Jasmine Daniel Julia Finkelstein

Pre-veterinary Society

Eileen Shu

Debbie Cherney

Research Paper, The (Cornell’s Undergraduate Research Magazine)

Alexander Ni

Alan Giambattista

Sigma Alpha Sorority

Anahita Verahrami

Debbie Grusenmeyer

Snodgrass and Wiggleworth (Cornell Undergraduate Entomology Club)

Erin Krichilsky

Cole Gilbert

Society for Natural Resources Conservation (SNRC)SNRC on Orgsync

Claire Hacker

Suzanne Wapner

Society for Women in Business (SWIB)

Elizabeth Brewster

Deborah Streeter

Viticulture and Enology Club, Cornell University (CUVEC) Olivia Myers Kathy Arnink

Wildlife Society, Cornell University Student Chapter

Michelle Santillan

Paul Curtis