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Make Your Mark (MYM) Skills Assessment and Resources

Wherever life takes you right after college you need to arrive with professional skills, those attributes that speak to your ability to interact, communicate, and perform effectively.  Also known as soft skills, these qualities reflect your personality and experience, and play a large part in distinguishing your value and unique appeal on applications, in interviews, and across industries and positions.  At CALS, part of our mission is to help you acquire and hone these professional skills during your undergraduate experience.  Take the M.Y.M. Skills Assessment to assess your current level of competency in these essential professional skills.

MYM Skills Assessment

ALS 2200: Essential Professional Skills to Launch Your Career -
Enroll in this course to hone these essential skills and to learn how to create a strategy for continued growth and personal development.

Resources to Build Your Skills

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Self-Awareness & Personal Impact
Teamwork & Leadership
Building Relationships
Setting & Achieving Goals
Ways of Thinking & Problem Solving

Self-Awareness & Personal Impact

Awareness of one's emotions and preferred work style, and ability to manage interpersonal relationships effectively.

Managing Distractions – Article: Distractions put a damper on productivity - find out how to overcome distractions

Speaking Up – Article: Are you an introvert? Check out these tips for speaking up and speaking out in meetings

Using Stress to Your Advantage –  Article: Find out how to work with stress instead of against it

Overcoming Procrastination –  Article: For tips on how to overcome procrastination

Why Character Matters – Blog post: Why character matters in getting hired

Personal Branding Webinar  

Developing and Living Your Personal Brand Webinar

Inner Critic –  Blog post: From the Dyson Media Innovation Group designed to help students identify and address their inner critic

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Ability to express ideas clearly and simply through verbal, written and technological means.

Building Communication – Blog post: Tips for ensuring strong communication skills

Communication Quiz - Find out how effective your communication skills are and how you can improve them with this interactive quiz

Strategies for Public Speaking – Article: Great tips for improving your public speaking skills!

Developing Listening Skills – Blog post: How and why to become a fabulous listener

Communicating With Confidence – Webinar: Communicating with confidence, what makes a good speaker

Tips for Sounding More Professional in Emails  - Article: 9 Tips for emailing more professionally

Purdue Online Writing Lab  - Provides helpful general writing, job search writing, subject-specific writing, and English as a second language resources

Career Search Etiquette  - Webinar: Learn more about how to present yourself during your career search

The 7Cs of Communication  - Blog post: The 7Cs you should use frequently to communicate effectively

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills  - Article: Improve communication skills using 10 simple tips & tricks

5 Ways to Listen Better TED Talk by sound expert Julian Treasure on five ways to re-tune your ears for conscious listening to other people and the world around you

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Teamwork & Leadership

Ability to recognize and assume different roles within a team and be effective.

Smarter Teamwork – Article/Harvard Business Review: Tips for encouraging smarter teamwork

Tips for Cross-Cultural Teamwork Article/Harvard Business Review: Tips for successfully achieving cross-cultural teamwork

Misperceptions About Teamwork Article/Harvard Business Review: Take a look at some of the common misperceptions about teamwork and learn more about what teamwork really is

Tips for Being a Great Leader – Blog post: Find out what the difference is between being a leader and being a great one

Common Leadership Mistakes – Blog post: Learn about common leadership mistakes, so you can avoid making them as you lead

Being a Creative Leader – Article: Take a look at these common traits of creative leaders to find out how you can enhance your leadership skills

Leadership Development – Article: Advice on ways to improve your leadership skills

Change Management – Article: 10 principles of change management

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Building Relationships

Ability to build trust and establish positive and productive relationships.

Building Strong Professional Relationships –  Article: Ten tips for building strong professional relationships

How to Build Strong Relationships with Clients – Blog post: Start your journey to building better business relationships

Building Work Relationships – Article: Thirteen wide ranging tips for building stronger work relationships

The Basics of Good Work Relationships – Blog post: Find out what makes a work relationship good, along with what you can do to improve the ones that you already have

LinkedIn Best Practices – Webinar: Tips on getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile

Networking Your Way to a Job – Webinar: Tips on using networking as part of your job search

Building Relationships, Before You Need Them – Video: Learn more about how you can build relationships, through networking, before you need them

Effective Networking – Podcast:  Hear more about both online and personal networking

Job Networking Tips – Article: How to find the right job by building relationships

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Setting & Achieving Goals

Development of skills related to prioritizing, time management, and decision making.

Dare to Dream –  Video: Learn how to visualize your current reality, identify your dreams, and strategize the actions to achieve them

The Bullet Journal –  Website: A customizable and forgiving organization system

Strategies to Take Control of Your Time – Blog post: 3 Strategies to take control of your time and career

Tips on Being More Productive  - Blog post:  Time management strategies to be more productive

Career Success –  Blog post: The number one predictor of career success according to science

Achieve Your Goals – Blog post: Research proven ways to achieve your goals

Goal Setting Tips – Article: Tips on how to set better goals

Setting Achievable Goals – Blog post: Get a better understanding of what the process looks like in order to set achievable goals

Steps to Reach Your Goals – Article: Learn how to clearly define and plan how to achieve your goals

Try Something New for 30 Days TED talk: Offers a neat way to think about setting and achieving goals

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Ways of Thinking & Problem Solving

Understanding different ways of approaching a problem and evaluating potential solutions.

The 4 Most Effective Ways Leaders Solve Problems – Article: Explore effective ways leaders use to solve problems

Effective Information Management – Article: Learn more about information management and how to do it effectively

The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle – Blog post: Learn more about the "Plan-Do-Check-Act" approach to problem solving

Mistakes in Decision Making – Blog post: Learn more about decision making mistakes and how to avoid them

Group Decision Making Mistakes – Blog post: Have you been a victim of "groupthink"? Find out what "groupthink" is and how to avoid it

Making Objective Decisions – Blog post: Learn tips on how to avoid five different types of bias in your decision making

Insight and Numbers – Blog post: Learn how to achieve a balance between quality and quantity based research

Think Different – Article:  How perception reveals brain differences

Using Language to Change How We Think – Article – Learn about what kind of thinking leads to better outcomes

11 Ways to Think Outside the Box – Article – Learn how to approach a problem in new, innovative ways

How to Train Yourself to Think Differently – Blog post – How does “self-talk” effect the way you think?

The Thinking Mindset vs. The Doing Mindset – Blog post – Learn more about your “thinking” and “doing” systems

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