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There are many resources to assist you along the way of looking for a summer job, research opportunity, winter externship, internship, or volunteer experiences.


Cornell Handshake is a portal for access to career opportunities and to many of the online services brought to you by Cornell Career Services, including on-campus recruiting, job postings, career fairs, employer info sessions, and workshops. To participate in on-campus recruiting, you’ll need to complete the Handshake Tutorial.

Cornell Student Recruiting Policies

An overview of the policies all Cornell students must follow to participate in and remain in good standing for on-campus recruiting and access to Handshake.

Office of University Counsel Internship Guidelines

Office of Cornell University Counsel’s Internship Guidelines regarding hold harmless and third-party internship agreement requests.

Internship Series

This provides full, up-to-date information on over 2,800 organizations offering internships and summer jobs for students. To access these listings use the following login information: Username: Cornell Password: GoBigRed

Job and Internship Search Websites

This is a listing of specialized websites that post specific jobs and/or internships in specific industries and fields.

Over 4,000 jobs posted each month in ag related opportunities.

International Jobs/Internships

If you're considering a job or internship abroad.

CALS Undergraduate Research Opportunities

This website provides information on how to find and apply to undergraduate research opportunities in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Cornell Biological Sciences

Find research opportunities being offered by Cornell Biological Sciences.

Funding Options

This is a resource listing several funding options to help you with internships, research, and other opportunities.

Salary Calculator

NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) provides  Occupational Salary Calculators, HR Salary Calculators and Salary Calculator Center to assist you with your salary queries.

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